Cali Salsa Intensive

September 2022 

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September 2022 

Salsa Cali Intensive - Shines 

Cali Salsa moves for the dance floor. Cali Salsa (aka Colombian Salsa/ Salsa Caleña) emerged in the late 1960’s from the Colombian city of Cali known as the “Capital de la Salsa” due to having the world’s greatest number of salsa teams and over 80 salsa schools.

Cali Salsa is recognised by its footwork, skipping motions and acrobatics.

Salsa Shines -Wednesday 14th Sep 2022 at 5PM to 7PM

Social Dance: 7PM to 8PM

Learn to develop the precision and speed to perform solo dance steps that form the intricate basis of the Cali Salsa footwork. 

Spaces are limited


Salsa Cali Intensive - Partner work 

Footwork, speed and steps for partner dancing to expand on the versatility of the dance moves. You do not need a partner to join these classes.

Salsa Partner Work -Thursday 15th Sep 2022 at 5PM to 7PM

Social Dance: 7PM to 8PM

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Workshops -  Performance Team

Sunday 18th Sep 2022 at (10.30 AM to 12.30) -Tricks and lifts for Salsa, Bachata and Rock and roll. 

Sunday 18th Sep 2022 at (2.30 PM to 4.30 PM)

Ready to move to the next level through choreographed routines mixing both solo and partner dance styles combining moves and patterns into one seamless dance sequence.

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About Leonardo (Leo)

Gladstone Salsa proudly brings to Gladstone: Leo one of the  most talented up-and-coming artists. 

Directly coming from Perth, an international teacher with a career spanning more than 24 years, training in different settings and also teaching and giving workshops in different cities around the world. 

Leo studied dance in Colombia, and won a scholarship for a degree in folklore and tango in the city of Buenos Aires. 

He created the Latino Element Academy in Bogotá, Colombia with two locations. and then the salsa cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. has participated as a dancer in films such as a tango music video for the orchestra la 33 (la pantera mambo) and worked at prestigious universities as a salsa and tango teacher. Creator of Elemento Latino Australia, based in Brisbane and now in Perth giving workshops and classes.

Check out his workshops, grab him for dance and make sure you experience everything he has to offer! The EXPERIENCE is unmissable!

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